Submitted Idea

Time to shift from crisis management to vision leadership

Time to get back to long term thinking and engage LEADERS, faculty and students, at all levels.

Let us now write the article we would wish the media would publish 10 years from now. What would we wish they say about our Beloved St. Michael’s?

Step 1…
Engage every classroom, homeroom, teacher and students, in a competition to create that 10 year vision, that narrative, that will inspire the hearts and minds of all teachers and students to transform and be part of something special. Take the top 1-3 narratives from each grade and have them showcase, read their vision to the entire student body. Leverage internal social media to create momentum, help select the go to vision…

Happy to discuss steps 2 and 3 if there is interest.

Puzzo Family
Carmen 91′
Jonathan 18′
Nicholas 21′
Michael 97′
Daniel 99′