Submitted Idea

Response to May 30 meeting

Thanks for yesterday’s meeting. It was informative and helpful in presenting the good work that you have done to date.

I have two further queries/suggestions to be included in the final report:

1). the ambiguity of sport: sports can of course help youth develop team skills, cooperative skills, a sense of striving beyond themselves etc. It can also lead to the internalization of a set of values of “winning over” someone else, winning at all costs, competition as the supreme value. The second way of internalizing a sport ethic is what need focus and attention. I do believe it leads to a bullying way of being. The competition ethic serves the community vision and not the other way around. Cultures are distorted when communities serve competition, which then leads to bullying.

The second idea, and here I have no opinion, is whether there is any research out there that links boys only schools with more bullying. Should St Michael’s consider going co-ed? Do co-ed schools moderate bullying in anyway simply by virtue of their make-up? I have had a number of conversations where folks have said things like: “well what do you expect in a boys only school.” This should be addressed in the final report.