Submitted Idea

Postive Initiations

Initiations are likely to happen with sports team but there is no reason they cannot be a positive experience. Medieval knights used to pray all night, swear an oath to chivalrous ideals, were tapped with a sword in a solemn ceremony and competed in martial contests to celebrate their ascension to knighthood. Canadian engineers undergo a “secret ceremony” written by Kipling where they swear an oath to uphold professional standards to protect the public and receive an iron ring from an existing engineer as a symbol of that oath and as a reminder of the consequences of failure.

Can we create something similar for SMCS teams? We could create a base ceremony and allow the team captains to evolve it over time with sign-off by the coaches. Some elements could include an oath capturing the ideals of a SMCS athlete (see Kipling’s IF or Invictus as possible starting points), alumni involvement for passing of the torch (literally or figuratively) and a token of the oath (ring, blazer lapel pin, crest for jacket)

Happy to help in developing something like this.