Submitted Idea

Has St. Mike’s gone too far?

I am writing to you with express concern about the distrustful and suspicious culture that I feel the school has created following the unfortunate incident at the end of first term. Because of the poor decisions of 6-8 boys (who have all been appropriately reprimanded), St. Mike’s cancelled events, cancelled mid-terms and cancelled teams. Because of these few boys, the rest of the 1000 students bore the consequences. Because of these few boys, we have inflicted more rules, more security and implemented harsher consequences and penalties on all the students. Our culture of camaraderie and respect between teachers and students and faculty has been replaced with a presumption of guilt. Teachers are patrolling the halls to try to find boys breaking the rules; cameras and other detectors are being implemented and security men and women are being hired. Why has the school decided to become an institution that doggedly looks for the troublemakers, that presumes that our students are guilty and that assumes that our boys will be mean and violent to each other? This negativity is permeating the school and our boys are walking into the school with slumped shoulders waiting to be questioned about changing in the locker room, where they are going when they are walking down the hall alone and being approached before and after they enter the bathroom. I fully support the anti-bullying tools and support we have put in place so that boys and parents can speak up if there is an issue. These tools are important and students need to feel comfortable talking about issues. But, in my opinion, the school has simply gone too far with some draconian rules and excessive measures. It has changed the culture of goodness and positivity in the school to one that is negative. I have only spoken to a few boys and parents and know that I am not alone in this feeling. Perhaps it would be a good time to send out a survey to your student and parent community to get a pulse on how people feel about all the changes that have been implemented. I think it is time for this kind of extensive check-in. Thank you for your consideration.