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A Note of Thanks

Dear Father Leung,

We are very pleased (and so are most parents) with all that the school Administration is doing to guide and discipline our boys in order to ensure that they become good St. Michael’s Men. I am so pleased that the school is helping our boys understand right from wrong. I am very pleased that the school has also retained external experts and speakers who are educating our boys on the dangers of social media and other. Moreover, the fact that our boys have a heightened awareness of the importance of respecting rules, administrators and authority will help our boys with school and life, in general.

I believe that parents who want a school with fewer rules and no oversight should consider a non-faith based public school system—filled with fewer rules and loose boundaries (often due to a lack of resources).

Most parents are paying for their boys to attend St. Michael’s College School to ensure a school experience filled with goodness, “discipline” and knowledge.

May God Bless You, Mr. John, Mr. Lee, Administration and faculty for working so hard over the past 5 months to ensure that our school gets back on track; and preserves the foundational principles of the school.

I pray that we/parents learn the importance of being supportive, encouraging and patient in making what is a very good school…..great again!!

Thank you!!! Most parents at the school are equally grateful for all that you have done in this very difficult school year.